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35 Thinks That Make a Relationship Beautiful

perfect relationship

Who does not want a beautiful relationship, one in which the famous expression "and lived happily ever after" to become a reality. Unfortunately, this does not happen too often in life, so you have gone through a sentimental failure.

But after a while you realized that it was time for a new relationship in your life, and now that your wish has come true, you want to know what you need to do for the relationship to be the way you wanted it to be: perfect.

That's why we have some recommendations for you.


Avoid comparisons!

Inevitably you will feel the need to make comparisons: between partners, situations, the way the relationship evolves. The advice of specialists is to avoid this, because this will affect your connection. Each person is unique and no one likes to be compared to someone else. So ready, come on, forget about comparisons!


More confidence in you!

If you were the one whose trust in the previous relationship was deceived, now is the time to make a change. At you. Here we refer to the fact that you should have a little more confidence in yourself and no longer sit and analyze everything that happens. Be more confident and enjoy the beautiful things that are happening to you now!


what do men think book


50 things to do for a happy relationship!


Life in two is an adventure, but in the following we will share a list of 50 things to do to have a happy relationship.

  1. Be positive and optimistic

Life is not all beautiful, but that does not mean that you must be sad and paranoiac. Always treat things in a positive way and be optimistic.

Looking at the good side of things always, you will manage to face all the challenges together.

Solve problems by being positive and optimistic. Negativity never help.


  1. Communicate as much as possible

Learn from the beginning to speak openly with one another. It is also important to learn to listen to what the other person has to say. In all relationships, a lack of communication leads to problems. Try to avoid discussing your problems with friends or other people, because what you need to do is talk to your partner.

I must emphasize again that it is important to learn to listen and be listened to. This is how a long-term relationship works.


  1. Equality in the relationship

In the relationship you are both equal, so do not argue that one or the other leads. Such thinking affects your relationship.


  1. Understanding

A relationship cannot work unless you are understanding and he must learn to compromise when there problems to be solved. Develop your ability to understand things together and put yourself in the other's shoes in order to see things better.


  1. Change is not mandatory

People can change to a small extent, but that must come from their own will. It is wrong to force the change and to make him become what you want. You are not perfect either and maybe you’re not exactly what he really wants and he certainly is not perfect, but that does not mean you have to change each other. Love yourself as you are!


  1. Include habits in your daily schedule

Time presses us all, but it is important to include in your daily life 5 minutes to spend time together before leaving for work.

This is just an example, but it is important to include whenever you want during the days, time to stay together and discuss.

P.S. The moments must be relaxing and not to solve family problems.


  1. The fights are constructive

We are not saying that quarrels are a good thing, but they clearly exist. These are constructive as long as you are aware of the reasons why they started. Try to resolve disputes as nicely as possible and try to use arguments.

If these are obvious and correct, the problems will be resolved.


  1. Don't forget about sex

A healthy relationship needs unforgettable sex nights. Why let fatigue and monotony ruin your relationship. Keep your passion to the highest levels and have sex as you did in the beginning.

Pay attention to his needs and tell him what you want.

Sex will strengthen the long-term relationship.


  1. Give yourself personal time

I don't think you want a relationship in which you are dependent on each other. Give yourself time to feel free and to do the things you want.

Find a balance between the couple time and the time you want for the activities you enjoy alone. The other will surely understand.


  1. Don't keep your phone at the table

Social networks and the internet can destroy your relationship. Do not take the phone with you everywhere and more so, use the airplane mode when you do not want to be disturbed. This will allow you to spend quality time together.


  1. Go to sleep at the same time

Do you feel like you never have a free moment to spend together? If you go to bed at the same time, this will help you. The time you go to bed could be the only occasion when you are alone, related to the whole day. Even if you are a "night bird", you can stay in bed until the other one is asleep.


  1. A cup of coffee makes a difference

Prepare for the other a cup of coffee through which you can easily express your love. Although it seems simple, this can greatly improve your relationship.


  1. Watch movies together

Even if you do not like the same kind of movies it is very pleasant and relaxing for both of you to watch movies together.

It's clearly something you have to do together.


  1. Learn to say "I'm sorry"

Life in two is the perfect setting for making smaller or bigger mistakes, but it's important to know how to say "I'm sorry".


  1. Don't go to bed angry

The problems can affect you from all points of view, which is why it is the worst decision to go to bed arguing. Discuss until you reach a common ground. This will make your relationship much stronger.


  1. Do not make comparisons

In a healthy relationship, there is no room for comparison. It is totally wrong to compare one person with another. You may not be happy with the one next to you, but it is better to talk than to compare him to another and is very wrong to tell him that.


  1. Learn to offer

It is nice to receive, but it is even more beautiful to offer. Learn to give the one near you what he deserves. Put his happiness first, and he will definitely do the same.


  1. Kisses, holding hand and hugs

Even if you have been in a relationship for a long time, don't forget about kisses, holding hands and hugs. These simple gestures strengthen the couple's relationships.


  1. Independent accounts

It is not bad to have a common account, but you will feel stalked and constricted. It is much better to have separate accounts and take what you want and clearly contribute equally to the  home expenses or taking care of the children.


  1. Keep your friends

Many couples give up on friends because they spend more time in two. Totally wrong!

Choose to keep your friends and don't forget to meet with as often as possible. This way you will avoid feeling trapped in your own relationship.


  1. Experiment in bed

As I said before, sex is important, which is why we recommend that you experiment as much as possible in the bedroom. This eliminates boredom and monotony.


  1. Do things together

Whether it's cleaning, eating, shopping, visiting, going out, reading, watching movies and the list can go on, get involved.

Developing the same passions or habits will make your relationship much stronger.


  1. Flirting

Do not hesitate to flirt with each other from time to time. Behave as if you want to conquer each other again. A simple joke, an approach or a gesture can turn the situation into an incendiary one.


  1. Kiss

Don't forget to kiss. Kissing remains one of the most sensual and exciting gestures you can make.


  1. Hold hands

Show the other that you are there. Hold his hand and walk as if you were at the beginning of the relationship.


  1. Travel together

If you haven't been to a trip so far, this is the time. Travel together as often as  possible in order to create memories and to get to know you much better.


  1. Be spontaneous

When was the last time you did something spontaneous?

Do not plan every move and let yourself be surprised. It is important to do crazy things without any planning.


  1. Have a date

Yes, we know you are together, but it is a very interesting idea to meet and behave as if at that moment you two met for the first time.

It's fun and you can change the perspective a little.


  1. Become each other’s stylists

On the weekends you stay at home you can become a stylist for your partner. Arrange his hair, choose his clothes and do a little photo shoot.

It will definitely be fun.


  1. Play sports together

The sport does well, and what I recommend is to go to the gym together. This will do well in your relationship and ignite a huge desire to get home.


  1. Dance courses

Everyone should know how to dance at least one dance, but if you want something more, you can go to dance classes.

Even if you don't have a passion for it, try it!

It will be very interesting for both of you.


  1. Romantic dinner in two

Remember that it is interesting to have a romantic dinner from time to time. Whether at home or in the city, going out for dinner will definitely be appreciated.


  1. Do what the other wants

If he like games, you should do for one day what he wants and obviously he will do what you want the next day.

Have fun and make fun of each other.


  1. Catch the sunrise

Watch movies until sunrise or go to the sea and walk on the beach until the sun rises. The sunrise is worth all the effort because the scenery will definitely be amazing.


  1. Decorate your home

Decorate the house together for the holidays and more. Invest in creating a home as you have always dreamed.


Special moments should not be missed

If you keep sitting and analyzing every movement, gesture, speech, it is possible that the special moments will pass by you unnoticed. You went for a walk and it started to rain: perfect, create a romantic moment and go through the rain, at least for a few moments. Take shelter under a tree or even on a block ladder and enjoy yourself as a child of the moment. Did you go shopping and forget your money at home? Don't start making a fuss, it still happens, laugh at your heart. These are special moments that you will both fondly remember when you have a few moments of peace. What could be more beautiful?

It takes two for a relationship

For a relationship to work, both partners need to build nicely on it. The things that define you make the relationship more beautiful, and the statement is also valid for the partner. Learn to appreciate his qualities more, value them, and he should do the same to you. If you feel that you do not have the due respect, try to discuss this with your partner, to see what can be done. But if you feel that you are the only one who wants this relationship, it is better to give up before it is too late.

Don't be violent!

Violence is never a solution, so a relationship in which it is present is doomed to failure. Better give up now, stop believing it's your fault or find excuses for violent gestures, because that's not the case. Nothing explains them, so remember one thing: no person should be physically or emotionally injured by another person!

Does physical appearance matter?

Many people say that physical appearance is not important in a relationship. Is that how it should be or should we be dealing with a cliché? Without the risk of being accused of hypocrisy, you must recognize that people are, par excellence, visual beings. Therefore, it is more normal than you think that the physical aspect is the one that creates the contact, and only then come the soul qualities. At least one thing has to physically attract you to your partner, to start later what experts call the "love game". Think hard and you will see that we are right.

What do men want?

It is said about the fairer sex that they are surrounded by an aura of mystery and no one knows what they want from a man. The truth is that men are also quite "closed" sometimes, and women have some headaches to conquer them. Therefore, find out what things a man appreciates, and do not rush to say that you know exactly what it is about. You would be really surprised, and you will see that it is something much deeper than it first seemed!


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8 Steps to Get a Perfect Relationship

how to get a relationship

Their imperfection, intimacy and imperfection

You are at the beginning of the relationship, and everything seems like milk and honey. Small blunders, defects, tics are seen as something cute, which offers a lot of salt and pepper to the couple's life. But will all this last indefinitely, or will the test of time be a ruthless one with them and your relationship? What is to be done then for a relationship to last? These are just a few questions to which we will try to give you the answer in the following lines.

Are we equal or not?

There is a lot of talk about equality between people, but the truth is that it is a wrong statement. We cannot be equal because, for example, we do not have the same education. In general, men and women are educated differently in their relationships and management. Therefore, it often happens that when a problem occurs in the couple, men tend to exaggerate it, while women exaggerate it.

Nobody is perfect

Even if it seems like a cliché, know that it is a reality that you cannot deny. No one is perfect, and when you set off with your partner, you need to be aware of this. You are not perfect either, just as your half is not. Teach each other to accept your imperfections if you want this relationship to work, and everything will be much easier.


finding the love

"I need space"

You hear this statement quite often, and you don't realize how important it is. A beautiful relationship does not mean spending all your time with your loved one, doing absolutely everything together ... in short, you understand. Yes, it is something beautiful, but sometimes you feel the need to be just you, to give yourself a few moments to find yourself, and then the above statement comes into play. In fact, both partners need their passions, their freedoms, so it would be good to discuss this, and see how this need for "space" can actually contribute to strengthening the couple, and not to break it up.

Creates intimacy in relationships

When you say intimacy, most people in a couple automatically associate it with sex life. Yes, it has some connection, but that doesn't mean it's just that. Intimacy also involves certain gestures, activities, which will only bind the two of you, and no one and nothing should stand against them. It's your life, so you decide. Go to a movie, a walk in nature, a romantic getaway, anything that will keep your relationship strong, and that you will fully enjoy.

Is there a perfect relationship?

Unfortunately, you cannot answer this question in the affirmative. No matter how compatible you are - on all levels, how much love, some discussions will inevitably occur, most of them starting from something minor. However, more serious situations may arise, and your confidence may be deceived. Therefore, try as much as possible to choose people worthy of your trust, in order to avoid such situations. It is quite difficult, but not impossible.

Compromises ?!

For a relationship to work, compromises are also needed. On both sides. As for you, in order not to have the impression that you are trapped in a hopeless relationship, pay attention to the imperfections of the potential partner. If you feel that as time goes on, they will become more and more unbearable, it is a sign that the relationship will not have any future. It is not for nothing that it is said that we must surround ourselves with those people with whose imperfections you can live.

An endless story

If you are the type who wants a love story like those in movies or syrupy novels, then maybe you should think better. A love relationship is built over time, it is discovered day by day and is built by merging the two partners. It takes both partners to show patience, acceptance, support and understanding, and so it can become that perfect relationship, like "and they lived happily ever after," just the way you wanted. It does not require perfection in the relationship, think better of this statement: love is what makes us complete, which makes all imperfections disappear. Remember this and everything will be much simpler.


Finding the love online

Why are we starting to prefer the internet?

  1. Speed ​​of response

With the internet available you have only a few seconds to attract the attention of a potential partner. Moreover, we can see if the other person is online, and if we talk about social networks, in this case you can find things to relate to and figure out what kind of person he is.


  1. Content helps us

Whether it's a dating app like tinder or social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat or others, make sure that what you post really highlights your interests. If you like children, post pictures with children. If you do sports and you like to run, then post pictures from jogging.

This also applies to the one you laid your eyes on. Analyze his content because it tells you a lot about him, and the comments you leave are another important thing to keep in mind.


  1. Honesty / Lying

People use the internet because they like the shield the internet offers. That is, if today you create an account on a social network you can use the photos of another person or you can take very edited photos with you so that you look much better.

It is acceptable to some extent, but you must not exaggerate.

In conclusion, either you are honest with the person you are or you choose to lie and post all kinds of things that do not represent you, but that create a false impression to those who see you.

Pay attention to people and be careful what you post!


  1. The fear of dating face 2 face

The Internet is good, but it can also be extremely bad. The biggest failures of online couples is spending a long time behind the monitor, the period when you can mentally project a fictional and unrealistic image of the person concerned. Because we are afraid of face-to-face meetings, we prefer to stand in front of a computer, laptop or phone for hours without finding out how in fact the person we are talking to is already dreaming of a relationship.

Most of the time there are very large discrepancies between what you have imagined and reality.

Although you are afraid, schedule face-to-face meetings as soon as possible if you feel you are compatible. The meeting will make you realize what you like about him physically, if there is chemistry, gestures, manners, how to interact with others.



You are certainly aware that there are risks regarding a meeting with a guy you met on the Internet, but we recommend that you organize a meeting in a limited time context for two reasons:


  1. If there is a mutual attraction, you always have the opportunity to get out of the stage quickly, making the other person want you even more or to dodge much easier and without too much headaches. All you have to say is you have to get back to the office as soon as possible.
  2. If everything is as you dreamed and because the discussion is so pleasant for both of you and you decide that it would be nice to go out again, you can cancel your plans for the rest of the day very easily.
  3. Refusal is much easier to give

Both women and men use the Internet because they can refuse and receive refusals in a much easier way.

That is, if a guy writes to you, you can come up with an excuse for not talking to him or not answering him. Men can do the same thing, but they usually do not shy away.


If so far we have discussed the benefits of the internet, now is the time when you have to become almost viral.

Whether it's Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or any other app, you need to be visible.

It's just like if you stay 24/7 at home, but you expect your soul mate to knock on the door.


How to find your love online?

  1. Create social or dating accounts
  2. Complete the profiles in a realistic way. Don't be afraid to use humor.
  3. Post photos and videos of yourself and the places you go.


P.S. Try to take beautiful pictures at the cafe, of the cake you are going to eat or at the building that surprised you by its architecture.


  1. Be still! Photographs are an important element to attract attention, but that does not mean that for a profile photo or for social media you have to look like on the red carpet.
  2. Reply to messages

If a person writes to you, don't hesitate to answer. Not all men are creative, but maybe they are very well intentioned. In other news, whether it says "Hi! What are you doing?" or "Hey how was that movie you just went to?" I want to go too and I don't know if it's worth it. ” you have to answer. You will most likely not realize that he is flirting with you and that you started talking because he approached you with a question you did not expect, but even so, treat them equally.


  1. Analyze

As I said before, you learn to analyze the profiles of the people you are talking to and do not consider what they post could be true, but also a lie. Try to test during the discussion the things he posted.

Pay attention to the type of photos posted, comments, places, friends etc.


  1. The first step

A totally wrong thing is to wait for a miracle to happen and stalk the person whom you gave like to and who you like to observe you and write to you.

The first step matters, and if you really want a man, feel free to write to them. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Say "Hi!" or create a context like the one above, and an even better idea would be to ask for help with something you found to be good.


  1. Contexts

Not many people start discussions based on a context, but imagine how easy it is to talk to a person on the street when you need help finding a place.

Why wouldn't it be as easy to talk to someone creating a context?

Initiate discussions based on contexts that allow the discussion to continue and because we are discussing contexts, use hypothetical situations to find out more about that person.

Lets suppose he hasn't posted a photo of a child, any favorite activity, or anything else, but you can create the right context in order to learn more about him.

Learn to control the discussion to find out what interests you.

Let's say you don't know if the one you wrote to is in a relationship, but you still want to know.

After you have written about your little problem or not and after discussing it for a few minutes for the sake of the conversation or having a purpose in mind, you can say:

"Thank you for answering me and for helping me, but I leave you because I don't want to upset your girlfriend!"

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Learn How to Get the Man That You Want

how to get a man


Learn how not to get hurt by men you don't trust

Surely you also went through the situation of being deceived by your confidence, of putting all your hopes in a relationship and in the end to stay with a broken heart. Even if you have heard of such situations, you still thought that "it can't happen to me". And yet, life has proved the opposite. And no matter how much you want to think you're ready for something, the truth is exactly the opposite.


"What did I do wrong?"

This is the first question that comes to mind after going through such an experience. What is certain is that you should never blame yourself for your partner's mistakes, and you should learn something from this life experience. Don't live in the past, focus better on the moments that will follow and, especially, how to regain your confidence after you have been deceived.


You don't live in the past

When your confidence is deceived, you feel the earth slipping from under your feet. Most people who have been through this say that they made a huge mistake: they lived too long in the past and "forgot" to focus on the present. Therefore, give yourself some time to recover, but then return to your usual activities, because it will help you more than you think. Even if you feel you have nothing to fight for, don't give up. We've all been through something like this, and the power to move on is in us, so don't indulge in this situation.


Make a change

Even if everything looks black and depressing now, you need to know how to move on. You may think that you will never be able to be happy again, or laugh from the heart, but trust me, you are stronger than you think. Make a change, try a new hairstyle, lose weight a little, buy other clothes, and you will see that thoughts start to take on other ... shades. Start being a little more optimistic and positive, and good things will start to happen to you. Also, if you have a new relationship, this time do not offer more trust than the respect you receive!


what do men think book

Get in his head!

Many women want to find out what is in the minds of men because they see this as an advantage, but the question is it that really so?

Even if you can't get into the mind of a man, you need to know that people are living in a community, and each of us needs to socialize.

The reasons why we socialize may be different, but in general, a man and a woman socialize mostly in order to find their other half.


How do you get into men's minds?

If you want to get into his mind, you have to play with him and enter in his head. Do not offer anything you have all at once!

Men want to be the ones to conquer, which is why you do not invite him out on a date (unless you are patient and he is blind and does not see that you want to get him out), do not give him things and information about you, do not shows him that you are stronger than him, don’t not intimidate him.


Make him lose the notion of time!

Men see any woman as a possible prey, and when they talk to a female person they start losing the notion of time. Studies have shown that if a man is attracted to a woman, he tends to prolong discussions because they want to make a good impression.

Do not destroy this desire because if you want to conquer him, allow him time to build the image he wants in front of you.

Don't rely on his memory!

If a man has told you certain things about which you have certain doubts, do not hesitate to come back to that thing after a while. Ask questions and find out if he remembers what he said or if he answers something else.

Anxiety is a sign!

Whether you met him in reality or online, when he is already trying to get a date for which he insists, it means that you have already taken steps in his mind.

The impatience is good and it would be interesting to reject his proposal saying that you have something to do on that day to extend the waiting time a little more.

Just the fact that you do not fall into his arms so quickly, will make him even more impatient and he will start saying things and making different gestures to impress you.

Men become loving!

If the one you talk to becomes happier when he’s around you and he shows it to those around you as well, it is a sign that his mind is doing everything possible to conquer you.

You will see him buying flowers, paying for dinner, maybe buying you something as a gift, giving money to beggars, and the list of things he can do can continue.

Happiness is clearly a sign that he want you!


There is excitement!

We know that women think emotionally and that men think generally rationally, but studies have shown that men also have a lot of emotions that they try to hide on a daily basis and because in all cultures men have to be strong.

Have him open up in front of you and show you his true emotions, because if you managed to disarm him, that means he is 100% trusting you.

We know you want strong men, but if a man lets his guard down in front of you, you should appreciate this, because this way you will prove to him that you deserve all his confidence.


Vulnerability to loneliness

Men are extremely vulnerable to loneliness, and the fact that they flirt with every woman they are attracted to is an action they do because of the loneliness.

If you want to get into his mind, show him that you want to know more about him and spend time together. When he focuses on you, he will do his best to conquer you.


Activate the hero instinct!

Men feel the need to make themselves useful, and you can control that. If you are a strong woman, why would you need a man?

Put it to work and when I say that, show them that you can't handle it alone and that it would be of great help for you if he could carry groceries, repair things around the house, decide on certain things, etc.

Make him your hero, the more you make him present in your life, the more he will realize that you are the woman he needs to value him.


If you want to understand how you can enter his mind, you must find out how he falls in love!


A little selfishness never hurts

It is often said that you cannot trust others when you do not trust yourself. Therefore, learn to know yourself better, be a little selfish and do something that makes you happy, that makes you happy. You have to learn to respect yourself, and then others will. What happened is just a lesson that life has given you to help you get to know yourself better.


A new relationship?

It sounds pretty weird, but if you were cheated, that doesn't mean you don't believe in people anymore and live your whole life like a nun. Be open to something new, but don't forget one detail: accept the risks when you offer confidence. There is no perfect man, just as you are not, so he did not have this claim from others or from his partner. It is important that everyone assumes equal roles, and that situations like the one you have faced before do not occur.


You are stronger than you think

Regardless of the situations in which you were put, you must know that you can handle it. Love is like a lottery, and few people manage to always be on the list of winners. In fact, any relationship involves a good dose of risk, you just have to learn to accept them. And, even if you had an unpleasant life experience, you are stronger than you think!


Learn to "read" people

It may seem like outdated advice, or it sounds like a cliché, but know that it's not. It doesn't hurt to learn to "read" people better, because in this way you will be able to avoid many of the unforeseen situations that may occur to you, you can stay away from disappointments and much more. It's hard? Easy? It is not in vain that it is said that life is a struggle, it depends only on you which side of the barricade you are on!

All the things I mentioned above will help you get into his mind. Put them into practice and give him the challenge he needs so that in the end you will be 100% in his mind and any action he will do he would be thinking of you.

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How To Get Over a Breakup

how to get over a break up

Break - ups are the most painful and it is normal to feel connected to the former. Especially when you loved that person is difficult to get over, but time solves them all.

It is important to know that every break - up comes with a lesson and that you need to understand why you got to this point and what you should do next to avoid doing the same mistake.

If you too have separated from your partner and have no idea how you should react and to stop the need to call him every minute, then you should turn off the phone completely because this is not the solution.

Certainly, you’ll spend some night nights but looking back is not an option.

This chapter is intended for both those who are going through a painful breakup or have gone through such a breakup, but we recommend it to those who want to prepare psychically for these unwanted situations, which occur in the life of a couple.

Breakups make us lose reasoning and stop thinking about things as we should. Our reality is distorted, all our decisions are likely to be wrong, and our actions can cause more harm than good to us or those around us.

How to get over a break up with someone?

how to get over a break up with someone

Patience is the key word. Only through patience can we overcome a painful separation. When the spirits are warmed up and unwanted things have been said, it is time to withdraw and understand why you quarreled. This break is your chance to think about what you want from your life partner, if that is what you want.

One mistake would be to immediately enter into another relationship after the separation. You will accept this new relationship because you want someone to fill the void in your heart, but things will not be the same.


how to get over a breakup book

This is why it takes time and patience for the next relationship to be a conscious choice and not one based on impulses.

It is also the case that after a few days of separation or after a longer period, you reach the point of reconciliation again.


How will things go on?

What will you do next, with a history behind it?

Give yourself time to fully understand yourself. A period of time for yourself is all you need to analyze things from the past properly.

get over it


Do your part of the relationship

If you ask your partner to do things that you yourself would not do then don't ask them anymore. It's an old story with the Buddha. One day a mother and her overweight child come to the Buddha and told him to help the little one give up sweets because he looks too fat for his age. The Buddha refused and told him to go home. The reason he refused is because he had not given up sweets so he couldn’t tell the child to give up.

After he managed to give up sweets, he went to the woman's house, where he found the child and told him to give up sweets, and he listened.

The main priority should you, that is, deciding what you want from yourself, your relationship and your future partner.

Although it is quite difficult to be objective in analyzing your own relationship, try as much as you can to make a correct analysis and assume the mistakes you made and discover what his true mistakes were. Most of the time the truth is in the middle when things are treated objectively.


When choosing to reconcile with your ex you have to consider the following scenarios:

  1. You will end up reconciling and understanding where you went wrong, then moving on and building the relationship you both wanted;
  2. Reconcile, but reproaches, quarrels and misunderstandings lead again to another separation;
  3. One of you wants peace, and the other does not want the same thing;
  4. Never reconcile because you have nothing in common;
  5. To appear in the life of one of you a third person, and the situation is extremely complicated;
  6. Find new partners in this period and move on to a new stage of your life.

You are certainly aware of these possibilities, but in order to make the right decision, try to be honest with yourself, because only that conscience will not fool you and you will be reconciled with the decision you make.


Learn from every mistake made!

There are no perfect people, which is why you have to learn from the mistakes you've made so far. Analyze previous relationships and discover things that didn't work out, what kind of person you actually want in your life and what kind of partner you want for the future.


Accept the situation because only then will you really be able to recover!

Treat things as they are so that at the end of the day you can take another step towards a complete and efficient recovery of your heart. Use the experience accumulated so far for what happens in the future with you and your life. The past is the past.

In order for a future relationship to be even better, you must have your homework done and get involved as you say, so that it will be much better than before.

Without taking into account the things learned up to this point, it is as if you were a baby trying to walk without first going to the bush.


Love yourself in order to be loved again!

Get rid of the guilt that doesn't give you peace because you can't change anything, forgive yourself and the person you were with and be grateful for everything.

Go beyond the past and dream of the future. The past is part of who you are, but don't let it influence you in the future. It's called the past because it represents moments that cannot be changed anymore, but what you are about to do can change anything.

Set goals for what you want your future to be and try to imagine how it should be for the person to make you happy and feel fulfilled. Everything starts from their own thinking and vision, so set goal, outline your path and characteristics and look for the person who suit you.


Take a break!

After a breakup that completely breaks your heart, it is important to take a break. The break is a perfect time to be able to think about the future and to plan what are the steps towards this new future.

Both you and him need a break and avoid each other. Only this way you will realize many things and especially feelings.


What is not recommended to do after a breakup?


  1. It is not recommended to listen to sad music because it will depress you even more. Music will block your mind and excessively induce your sense of loss.
  2. It is not recommended to stay closed, isolated. Get out and walk.
  3. Allow time to solve them all. Avoid contact with him for a period of time. This way you will have time to discover what to do. Repeated phone calls keep people away, not approaching them.
  4. Don't think about it! Permanently thinking of your ex will keep you from thinking correctly and you will make the worst decisions possible. It is inevitable that you will not think about him, but you must not turn this into an obsession. Control your thoughts as much as possible!
  1. Get rid of the sadness!


It is normal to have moments when you are sad, but it doesn't always help you, you fall into the position of the victim. Try to spend your time with joyful activities. Go out with your friends, go to the movies, draw, read, learn new things or spend time doing whatever you like


How do you get through this period when your heart is broken?

how to get over it

The first step is the motor discharge.

Cry when you feel the need to unload. Crying is the best solution to remove existing pressure. The crying calms you and prepares you for a good sleep.


The second step is to accept the situation and forgive

Hate consumes people because it is a negative feeling. The more you let yourself dwell in hate, the more you will feel drained of energy and without reaction power. Learn to forgive and move on and keep only beautiful things in your mind.


The third step is to return to the game

Get back into the rhythm and start being an active person again on social networks, going out, organizing meetings with girls, meeting new people, attending courses etc. In short, start living your life again as if you were consuming a lot of sugar, and the energy you have will not let you stay indoors.

Being active you will appreciate yourself much more as a person and you will discover that life goes on even in these situations.


The fourth step is the creation of a journal

It is not a mandatory step, but putting on paper all the things you went through will make you download and look at it from a different perspective. You will clear your mind as you write, and your mind will begin to heal slowly because it will feel like you confess, and each one will free us from all thoughts that did not give us peace.

Every time you feel bad, start writing because it will free you from all emotions. From our point of view it is important to consider these  as steps to start recovering.

Our recommendation is to start spending your free time in the most creative way possible, to move and rest. The treatment for a broken heart is in your hands. Take breaks, always think well of the actions you want to take, set goals, do not let yourself be hated, go beyond the moment and dream of a much better life.

Every bottom shot is a step forward. Look at everything as a life lesson that prepares you for the next chapter of your life.

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Why Do Men Cheat?

why do man cheat

Men like feminine and sexual diversity. They have evolved their desire to be with different women because it is very easy for them to reproduce (a sexual act compared to 9 months of pregnancy in a woman) and thus spread as many offspring as possible, possibly being programmed to mate with as many women as possible.

Wondering why men cheat?

why man cheat

Has a man cheated on you in the past and broken your heart? Are you afraid to fall in love again so as not to be cheated on again? Here are some reasons why men cheat.

The problem of men cheating is exaggerated:

Most men don't cheat. Studies show that less than 50% of men report cheating on their partners. Not all men have the power to break the stability of the relationship and maybe even more would like to cheat. However, we must not characterize men in general terms of behavior in which not everyone fits.

Polarizing gender differences:

It's not just men who cheat. They cheat on women. Women who know the problems, know that they have wives and friends at home and they in turn have friends and husbands. We admit that there is a difference between the sexes. Indeed, more men than women cheat, but that does not mean that men are the sex that cheats and women the believer.

With these precautions in mind, let's ask ourselves why men cheat?

If you are trying to save your marriage after an adventure knowing the causes of infidelity you can help yourself. Here are the causes of infidelity in men and women according to the psychologist Luterman. He points out that there are different types of extramarital affairs or infidelity by changing the way infidelity is understood.

If you know why your partner is cheating:

- you can determine if the marriage is worth saving or not

- You know how to approach the problem

- you learn how to solve your feelings towards adventure

- you will learn how to deal with infidelity.


why men cheat and lie


reasons why men cheat

Reasons of marital infidelity:

- inability to cope with cultural or ethnic differences

- the disappointment of a partner towards the evolution of the relationship

- unrealistic expectations towards marriage

- curiosity

- loss of interest in the relationship, boredom

- dependence on physical intimacy

- the impossibility of accommodating with the partner's needs, interests or future plans

- the impossibility to communicate to the partner the interests, the future plans

- boredom in marriage, at work, in life or relationship, routine

- lack of motivation to solve the relationship problems together.

In the following we will discuss the following reasons why men cheat:

surviving infidelity

  1. Immaturity

There are men who do not have as much experience in relationships or the necessary mind setting and do not understand the effect of the actions they choose to take, which is why consequences will appear. That is why most of the time, when the relationship is at the beginning the man will handle the superficial things but inevitably he will go sideways.


  1. Addiction

Addiction leads us to make the wrong decisions. Alcohol and / or drugs can cause the man next to you to get into another person's bed. You must not exclude any sexual addiction either, but you have to realize that from the first moments of your relationship.


  1. Uncertainty

Uncertainty leads to wrong actions. If a man feels too old / too young or feels unattractive or not too rich and not intelligent enough, he will try to prove that he can always have a new person as his pray.

Studies have shown that most men cheat during the mid-life crisis that occurs in men around the age of 40.

In order to eliminate insecurity and improve their ego, men will seek validation from women as well as from partners.

If for women the crisis is around the age of 30, pay attention to the crisis of the man in your life because it will influence your relationship and you must actively contribute to its rescue.


  1. Do not deprive him of going out with boys

The lack of social integration in male circles is a common reason why men cheat. Men need to receive support from their friends. With the impression that you can fully meet his social and emotional needs, you can make him feel trapped in the relationship and in this way you will fail, because he will seek fulfillment elsewhere.


  1. Infatuation vs. Commitment

Men sometimes misunderstand what a relationship means. There are great differences between the intensity with which love manifests itself at first and long-lasting relationship.

Pay attention to the discussions about the future of a relationship because you have the chance to prevent a possible disappointment in love if the man next to you does not see what exactly awaits for him after more time in the relationship.

If at first your love will be at the highest levels, in the long run it will look more like a commitment, with a much lower intensity.


  1. Childhood

Talk about childhood. What happened in his childhood can show you what to pay attention to. The problems between parents, the stories that marked him, the physical or sexual abuse as well as other forms of abuse or unpleasant situations leave deep traces on his behavior.


  1. Selfishness

If a man shows you that he loves his own person, more than he loves you, he may be able to lie to you and keep secrets from you without remorse or regret, as long as he gets what he wants.

Analyze his behavior and find out what he thinks about his own person.


  1. He's unique

Clearly each of us is unique, but that does not mean that the usual rules do not apply to him. Having such a good opinion about your feelings, you will feel that he deserves what other men don't deserve.

Because he has this opinion about the common rules, he will consider that he is free to reward himself outside his relationship whenever he wants.


  1. Hunting instinct

Unfortunately, sometimes men let themselves be controlled by their instinct, which means that although they never thought to cheat, when the opportunity arises, from instinct and because he did not consider such a possibility. , will get to cheat.

Discuss such moments and highlight what the impact will be on your relationship.


  1. Unrealistic expectations

Men can live with the impression that their partner has to fulfill their sexual desire at anytime, but completely forget that everyone has thoughts, problems, feelings and needs that cannot be fulfilled overnight.

With unrealistic expectations the force of real things can push the man to seek a solution to his unmaterialized expectations outside the relationship.


  1. Anger

I have heard so many stories about couples who, after a very heated argument, have done terrible things motivated by the desire to take revenge. In such situations, infidelity is meant to be seen and known by the partner. In such a context, the man will no longer bother to lie or keep secrets about his infidelity, because he wants his partner to find out.

Because this gesture is an extreme one, most men usually end up cheating as a result of many causes and events experienced in the couple's life.

These are the most important reasons why men cheat, and you have to be careful so that the situation does not get out of control. Analyze what is happening in your relationship from the beginning, and if there are any discontents, discuss them together.

There is always a solution, but only together can you find it.

But because we discussed the reasons why men may be tempted to cheat, try to make your relationship something that all people would like. That is, be happy together, love and communicate with one another.

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How Do You Know a Guy Likes You?

signs a guy like you

Apparently I could say that we can not realize that one person likes us because although we live with the idea that we send a lot of signals, in reality they are not seen by the other person. However, we will make a list of the most important signs that show you that a guy likes you.

To simplify things, we will mention several signs to take into consideration, but do not worry, if he wants to talk a lot with you, spend time together and get you out of town, I think things are obvious.

does he like me

Here are the signs that he like you

1.He looks at you

Obviously, when a person attracts us, we like to analyze them and look at them. Unconsciously the men's gaze will repeatedly turn to you, which is why if you feel watched, it means that someone in the room is examining you very carefully.

There will be no lack of eye contact with the person, but it depends a lot on the person.

  1. Has dilated pupils

Body language experts say that dilated pupils are an indicator that a person is attracted to you. This detail is subtle and requires attention and experience. The dilation of the pupils cannot be controlled, so if a person looks at you with admiration and has dilated pupils, this is a sign that in you have managed to provoke his emotions.

  1. I'm looking for you

When a guy starts asking you questions about your family, career, future or your person, he does not do it because he is detective but because he shows interest and wants to know if the decision to fall in love with you is the right one.


signs he like you book


  1. Get you out

The outings in the city in two may seem classic and yes, they are a sign that he likes you, but if he try to impress you by inviting you to an impressive place, at a concert, theater, ballet it is clearly a sign that he are in love.

  1. Plans over plans

If a guy expresses his desire to see you again, is clearly a sign that you have aroused his interest. No one in this world wants to see a person they don't like again, which is why if you come to a new date can only be a good sign.

sign a guy like you

  1. The body transmits signals

If we have the feeling that we can control everything we want to convey, well, you have to know that every part of our body can betray us and tell us what our feelings are. The accidental touch of the hands, the accidental hammering of the feet under the table or sitting close enough when you talk, are all signs that things are going on the right road.

  1. Feet indicate direction

Because we talked about body language, we have to mention again that it will always show what you feel inside. If a man's feet are pointing at you, it means that he is giving you more interest than the other people, even if he is facing the other side.

By analyzing his behavior you will find out if he inadvertently shows you that he likes you.

  1. Feel he's there with you

The past can affect us all, but if a guy likes you, he won't start talking about your former relationships. Both in the getting to know each other phase and later, discussions about former relationships are a shot at you. You feel effectively that you are present and an emotional connection is made between you two.

  1. Your opinion matters

Men can make decisions on their own, but because they need confirmation, they will ask for your opinion to see if you are on the same length. Your answer will show you if the way you think and look at things is in line with what he thinks.

how to tell if someone like you

  1. Lips

When we are attracted to a person, the mouth cavity produces more saliva, which is why you will be able to observe many times that different men look at you and walk their tongue over their lips or try to moisten them subtly and unconsciously.

Also, the biting of one of the lips is a sign that you have attracted his attention.

  1. Real interest

The guy you love will always show interest in the person you are today. He will ask you where you are from, what you have studied, what details he should know about your life, how you got to the point where you are now and others.

Investing time and being very careful about everything he says is a sign of interest.

  1. Stay up late

Men always make supernatural efforts to do whatever the person they fell in love with feels what they feel. Most of the time you will get to the situation where although you have the next day's work, you will stay up late for stories. Fatigue disappears when it comes to spending time with the other person.

  1. He confesses

There is no man who has no problems. We all have smaller or bigger problems and obstacles in our lives. When a guy likes you, he will open up smoothly in front of you and tell you everything because he trusts you, relaxes and gets courage when he sees that you give him time to listen to him.

  1. An emotional tension is felt

We clearly do not behave naturally around the people we like. You will always see that he will be a little tense because he wants to make a good impression. You overlook his strain and appreciate all the gestures he makes because men can be awkward at times.

  1. He's relaxed around you

If in the first phase men may seem tense, they may relax as you get closer or even from the beginning, but in general, when they get to know new people, there will be some tension that will disappear and will be replaced by relaxation.

signs a guy like you

  1. He smiles often

Follow his smile! A smile shows that he enjoys what is happening and not only. In addition, if a person in front of you is smiling for no reason, then you will know that they really like you.

No matter how much we want to hide our feelings, our body and reactions will always speak for us.

  1. Introduces you to people close to him

If a man introduces you to his friends or tells you he told the important people in their lives about you, that means he clearly sees you more than a friend.

  1. They are 100% open

The truth is that we develop a relationship with the help of the phone, which is why if we send a message and receive a quick response, it means that the other person is paying attention to you. So if a man doesn't respond quickly to your messages, it means that things aren't the way you think you are, but you also take into account what he normally does. Some people can't write messages at any time.

  1. appreciates your friends

The fact that a guy shows interest in your circle of friends is not something unusual. Because you want to have a relationship together, you want to know what your friends think about him because we all know that we generally ask for validations from the people around us.

The moment when you meet your friends is a time when you can make a good impression on everyone and you will definitely take advantage of this.

  1. He calls you and sends you messages often

Phone calls will not be missing from your journey towards creating a relationship. Because he just wants to hear you, it looks like he likes you. In addition, telephone discussions are much more efficient because they leave no room for meaning or errors of expression and interpretation.

how do you know if a boy like you

These 20 signs are the most common among men, but if we were to sum it all up, the conclusion would be the following:

I saw a girl, I like her, I start talking to her, I find out as much about her, I try to find out what her standards are for men, I get closer to her to see if she likes me and if there are a chance to have a relationship, I will invite her to dinner or a date in the city and try to find out what will happen with us. Now you know if a boy like you.

Obviously, there are a lot of possible cases, but normally, if a guy pays attention, he is interested in everything in your life and invites you to the city several times, it means he like you.

It is hard to believe that there is a friendship between a man and a woman, because although we do not recognize, some of us would like to be with that person for different reasons.

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How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

how to tell a guy you like him

Men tend to be slightly inattentive when it comes to the signals you want to send, and the fact that you touch your hair when you talk to it has become a thing of the past.

If you really want to make him aware of the fact that you like him and still not tell him right from the first date (although, we encourage you to be as direct as possible!) There are certain signals that he has. you can, of course, give in a subtle way. A first solution would be to find a way between being too direct and indifferent.

Here are the 9 subtle ways you can get the attention of the one you secretly like:

  1. Say goodbye to eye contact!

how to tell a guy you love him

We know that until now you stared at him when you saw him in the club, but now, another way to attract his attention is a hug or even a goodbye kiss, if you are very brave.

Get rid of this barrier as you would have to wait a while before kissing or touching his hand. We are in 2019 and things are happening much faster than you think!

  1. Buy him a drink!

Surprisingly or not, it seems that even you, as a girl, can honor him with a drink! Don't always wait for him to take the first step in this direction, and the next time you meet, whether you're going out to dinner or having fun at the club, buy him something to drink and you won't regret it. You can thank us after!

  1. Compliment him when you see him!

If we women like it when we are given certain compliments, well, the same happens for men. In order to really impress him, try to compare him with a Hollywood star, maybe even with his favorite.

  1. Arrange his shirt

If the collar of the shirt does not fit properly, do not be afraid to arrange it yourself. It can be a great signal to give so that he understands that you like him. He will think you are interested in him, but especially a person attentive to details.


how to tell a guy you like him


  1. Set a joke between you

Everyone likes the person next to him to be open and make jokes, so don't hesitate to do it right in front of him. If you are funny, you will be able to have a much closer connection with him and you will make him open much more in front of you.

how to tell a man you love him

  1. Ask him about things in his field

Don't try to confuse him by asking him questions about quantum physics. You better try to find out what things he resonates with so that he feels comfortable when you talk. He will feel much more at ease and will appreciate you much more.

  1. Take a picture around him

We know you have a lot of pictures together, but what if you posted them on social media and didn't keep them just for yourself? Show potential competitors that you are interested in him and that he should stay away. It's a good way to show them that your interests are very serious.

  1. Dance with him

Not to mention that you have to have ten years of experience in the dance chapter to be able to dance with him. Whether you move quite a bit on the dance floor, it still matters. Take him to the dance on the first occasion you see him and he will more than likely consider you interested in him.

  1. Talk to him more in private

how to talk with a man

Background music can be a good reason to start a conversation with him. Take advantage of any opportunity that is just the two of you and talk to him. He will appreciate much more that you take the reins and don't just let him carry the burden.

We're not saying you have to give him all these signals at once, but use the ones you feel comfortable with. Nobody said it was easy, but he will definitely consider you a sure person for what he wants to achieve.

  1. Be a good listener!

And men confess from time to time, so they need someone to listen to them without any reproach. It will definitely matter to him that you care about how he feels.

  1. Open smart discussions

Prove to him that he has something to talk about when he is with you. The fact that he can debate with you all kinds of interesting facts will make him always look for you.

  1. Try to find out what common interests you have

The things you have in common will always bring you closer, so you should find as many as possible. Make him feel at ease when he is with you, but be careful not to let him know that he should keep you in the friends' area.

  1. Flirt with style. If you don't know how to tell him you like him, resort to gestures by which you subtly flirt with him. A special smile, intense looks, innocent touches, kisses close to the lips or passionate hugs. We must recognize that body language has its charm.
  1. Men like to hear beautiful words and be appreciated. Find out HERE how you can impress him!

how to love a man

  1. It is said that when two people like each other, they tease each other frequently. Therefore, if he also feels something for you, he will respond to the verbal games you play. Be careful, however, it does not exceed the measure in terms of jokes.
  1. Send him nice messages. How do you tell him you like him without sending him love messages? It seems complicated at first, but everything is much simpler than you think. For example, you can surprise him with a message telling him that you saw something (related to his passions) that made you think of him.
  1. Make up excuses to be around him. Tell him that you need help with a project or that you have something to repair at home. A computer enthusiast will not miss this chance.
  1. Make him feel special around you. Treat him differently from others and give him the impression that you feel something special for him. He would definitely like to have such a girl by his side.

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How to Break Up With Someone You Love

how to break up

Sometimes a breakup has nothing to do with the person you are with but rather with your own person.

Life is weird. Sometimes we fall in love with the most uninspired person in the world. Sometimes the cutest man in the universe takes over our soul, but something still doesn't work. Relationships end for a multitude of reasons other than money or someone who has gone wrong, sometimes it ends for no reason.

It's always hard to figure out whether to end it or not, but it's even harder to break up with someone in style, especially if there's still love. You can start by analyzing your relationship and life in general, because sometimes a breakup has nothing to do with the person you are with but rather with your own person.

Love is not always the problem and you may never know clearly if what you are doing is right, but if you are simply not happy in your relationship it is good to end it so as not to waste time. anyone. One thing is for sure: you should never be with someone just because you don't want to hurt them!

  1. Choose the right time and place

break up love

Avoid holidays and special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms or weddings as much as possible because you don't want your ex to remember you every time the opportunity arises. Statistics show that most students break up during the summer holidays, when everyone goes home, but for the rest of the world, Monday seems to be the best day.

Before that, make sure you want to end the relationship once and for all. Never break up with someone without being reconciled with the thought that you may not be reconciled. Even if you later change your mind and reconcile, you may have already created an irreparable rupture. When you are sure that this is what you really want, you will have to choose a neutral place to give the news.

It would be best in a place where you do not make the other person feel bad, the more secluded the more appropriate, if it is not an aggressive nature, in which case surround yourself with people.

  1. Have courage and behave civilly

break up girlfriend

It would be nice to personally tell your partner that you want to break up, not through an intermediary, not on the phone and in no case by e-mail or a letter. You can get rid of the clean scarf when you use these methods only if the relationship is relatively new, but let's be serious, if you have already gone out on a few dates it is a bit unpleasant.


book how to break up with someone


Be prepared anyway, whatever you do and whatever you say, that the person feels attacked and does not want or can still be just a simple friend for you, at least at first. Even if you didn't have common plans, such as children, jobs, moving to another city, or buying a new home together, that doesn't mean you have to argue at the tent door. No matter how much you love someone, sometimes life will take you in different directions and having one last open discussion, face to face, is the most normal way to end a stage in life.


As painful as it is, an honest conversation can teach you something about yourself and help you set standards for the future. This also includes the fact that if during the relationship you hid some things from him for various reasons, now you have to be honest and say everything you have in mind. After that, you may be sad or even relieved, but both feelings are fine as long as things clear up and the person does not remain confused. If you try to save him at some point, things will turn against you and you will be considered a liar without honor.


  1. However, avoid being insensitive

relationship break up

Be honest, but put yourself in the other person's shoes. Nobody likes to be abandoned, but at least we all know how to appreciate the truth, if the truth is not the fact that the person you were sitting next to will not attract you, that you have met someone better or that you are just very bored of that relationship. . You have more to gain if you have a positive attitude and you will not highlight even the smallest flaws. So pay attention to the reasons why you broke up.


You need to decide if the relationship is really worth ending and think about your partner's future, but especially your personal future. Avoid staying in a relationship just because you are afraid to be alone. Be a little empathetic and imagine how your partner will see and feel if you stay with him just because of this. Behave with diplomacy, but don't avoid breaking up with someone just because you're afraid of hurting them.

  1. Leave space for “Hello! How are you? ”

how to finish a relationship

For this you have to control your emotions. Try not to look very happy because of the breakup because you will look like witches who just took advantage of what was given to them. Be rather refined, caring and peaceful. If you live together you will have to decide who will stay in that apartment and who will move. If you expect your partner to move, you will need to give him time to find another apartment and put everything in order.


During this time you will have to ask your parents or close friends if you can stay with them for a few days, in order to have each the space they need in those delicate moments. If you do not live together, but see each other every day at work or school, it would be advisable to think if you can somehow change your job or at least the schedule, because no matter how close you were, situations like this are strange and difficult to get over. , no one knows how to behave exactly when on a narrow corridor you come across the former.


Some people do not know how to react to a breakup, feel ignored, useless or simply do not understand what is happening. Some scream or cry, others block their feelings, do not allow themselves to express themselves and display an impassive face and a cold attitude.


This does not mean that you should change your mind and react to their melting. Keep in mind that rejection hurts and you are already the one who gives the slippers.

If the situation takes a negative turn simply ignore what is happening. It is preferable to remain friends, but sometimes this is simply not possible, so do not wait to be made with egg and vinegar for nothing in the world. After expressing your point of view, try to stay calm and listen to what your partner has to say, if the language remains civilized.

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