35 Thinks That Make a Relationship Beautiful - Find How to Create Now

35 Thinks That Make a Relationship Beautiful

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Who does not want a beautiful relationship, one in which the famous expression "and lived happily ever after" to become a reality. Unfortunately, this does not happen too often in life, so you have gone through a sentimental failure.

But after a while you realized that it was time for a new relationship in your life, and now that your wish has come true, you want to know what you need to do for the relationship to be the way you wanted it to be: perfect.

That's why we have some recommendations for you.


Avoid comparisons!

Inevitably you will feel the need to make comparisons: between partners, situations, the way the relationship evolves. The advice of specialists is to avoid this, because this will affect your connection. Each person is unique and no one likes to be compared to someone else. So ready, come on, forget about comparisons!


More confidence in you!

If you were the one whose trust in the previous relationship was deceived, now is the time to make a change. At you. Here we refer to the fact that you should have a little more confidence in yourself and no longer sit and analyze everything that happens. Be more confident and enjoy the beautiful things that are happening to you now!


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50 things to do for a happy relationship!


Life in two is an adventure, but in the following we will share a list of 50 things to do to have a happy relationship.

  1. Be positive and optimistic

Life is not all beautiful, but that does not mean that you must be sad and paranoiac. Always treat things in a positive way and be optimistic.

Looking at the good side of things always, you will manage to face all the challenges together.

Solve problems by being positive and optimistic. Negativity never help.


  1. Communicate as much as possible

Learn from the beginning to speak openly with one another. It is also important to learn to listen to what the other person has to say. In all relationships, a lack of communication leads to problems. Try to avoid discussing your problems with friends or other people, because what you need to do is talk to your partner.

I must emphasize again that it is important to learn to listen and be listened to. This is how a long-term relationship works.


  1. Equality in the relationship

In the relationship you are both equal, so do not argue that one or the other leads. Such thinking affects your relationship.


  1. Understanding

A relationship cannot work unless you are understanding and he must learn to compromise when there problems to be solved. Develop your ability to understand things together and put yourself in the other's shoes in order to see things better.


  1. Change is not mandatory

People can change to a small extent, but that must come from their own will. It is wrong to force the change and to make him become what you want. You are not perfect either and maybe you’re not exactly what he really wants and he certainly is not perfect, but that does not mean you have to change each other. Love yourself as you are!


  1. Include habits in your daily schedule

Time presses us all, but it is important to include in your daily life 5 minutes to spend time together before leaving for work.

This is just an example, but it is important to include whenever you want during the days, time to stay together and discuss.

P.S. The moments must be relaxing and not to solve family problems.


  1. The fights are constructive

We are not saying that quarrels are a good thing, but they clearly exist. These are constructive as long as you are aware of the reasons why they started. Try to resolve disputes as nicely as possible and try to use arguments.

If these are obvious and correct, the problems will be resolved.


  1. Don't forget about sex

A healthy relationship needs unforgettable sex nights. Why let fatigue and monotony ruin your relationship. Keep your passion to the highest levels and have sex as you did in the beginning.

Pay attention to his needs and tell him what you want.

Sex will strengthen the long-term relationship.


  1. Give yourself personal time

I don't think you want a relationship in which you are dependent on each other. Give yourself time to feel free and to do the things you want.

Find a balance between the couple time and the time you want for the activities you enjoy alone. The other will surely understand.


  1. Don't keep your phone at the table

Social networks and the internet can destroy your relationship. Do not take the phone with you everywhere and more so, use the airplane mode when you do not want to be disturbed. This will allow you to spend quality time together.


  1. Go to sleep at the same time

Do you feel like you never have a free moment to spend together? If you go to bed at the same time, this will help you. The time you go to bed could be the only occasion when you are alone, related to the whole day. Even if you are a "night bird", you can stay in bed until the other one is asleep.


  1. A cup of coffee makes a difference

Prepare for the other a cup of coffee through which you can easily express your love. Although it seems simple, this can greatly improve your relationship.


  1. Watch movies together

Even if you do not like the same kind of movies it is very pleasant and relaxing for both of you to watch movies together.

It's clearly something you have to do together.


  1. Learn to say "I'm sorry"

Life in two is the perfect setting for making smaller or bigger mistakes, but it's important to know how to say "I'm sorry".


  1. Don't go to bed angry

The problems can affect you from all points of view, which is why it is the worst decision to go to bed arguing. Discuss until you reach a common ground. This will make your relationship much stronger.


  1. Do not make comparisons

In a healthy relationship, there is no room for comparison. It is totally wrong to compare one person with another. You may not be happy with the one next to you, but it is better to talk than to compare him to another and is very wrong to tell him that.


  1. Learn to offer

It is nice to receive, but it is even more beautiful to offer. Learn to give the one near you what he deserves. Put his happiness first, and he will definitely do the same.


  1. Kisses, holding hand and hugs

Even if you have been in a relationship for a long time, don't forget about kisses, holding hands and hugs. These simple gestures strengthen the couple's relationships.


  1. Independent accounts

It is not bad to have a common account, but you will feel stalked and constricted. It is much better to have separate accounts and take what you want and clearly contribute equally to the  home expenses or taking care of the children.


  1. Keep your friends

Many couples give up on friends because they spend more time in two. Totally wrong!

Choose to keep your friends and don't forget to meet with as often as possible. This way you will avoid feeling trapped in your own relationship.


  1. Experiment in bed

As I said before, sex is important, which is why we recommend that you experiment as much as possible in the bedroom. This eliminates boredom and monotony.


  1. Do things together

Whether it's cleaning, eating, shopping, visiting, going out, reading, watching movies and the list can go on, get involved.

Developing the same passions or habits will make your relationship much stronger.


  1. Flirting

Do not hesitate to flirt with each other from time to time. Behave as if you want to conquer each other again. A simple joke, an approach or a gesture can turn the situation into an incendiary one.


  1. Kiss

Don't forget to kiss. Kissing remains one of the most sensual and exciting gestures you can make.


  1. Hold hands

Show the other that you are there. Hold his hand and walk as if you were at the beginning of the relationship.


  1. Travel together

If you haven't been to a trip so far, this is the time. Travel together as often as  possible in order to create memories and to get to know you much better.


  1. Be spontaneous

When was the last time you did something spontaneous?

Do not plan every move and let yourself be surprised. It is important to do crazy things without any planning.


  1. Have a date

Yes, we know you are together, but it is a very interesting idea to meet and behave as if at that moment you two met for the first time.

It's fun and you can change the perspective a little.


  1. Become each other’s stylists

On the weekends you stay at home you can become a stylist for your partner. Arrange his hair, choose his clothes and do a little photo shoot.

It will definitely be fun.


  1. Play sports together

The sport does well, and what I recommend is to go to the gym together. This will do well in your relationship and ignite a huge desire to get home.


  1. Dance courses

Everyone should know how to dance at least one dance, but if you want something more, you can go to dance classes.

Even if you don't have a passion for it, try it!

It will be very interesting for both of you.


  1. Romantic dinner in two

Remember that it is interesting to have a romantic dinner from time to time. Whether at home or in the city, going out for dinner will definitely be appreciated.


  1. Do what the other wants

If he like games, you should do for one day what he wants and obviously he will do what you want the next day.

Have fun and make fun of each other.


  1. Catch the sunrise

Watch movies until sunrise or go to the sea and walk on the beach until the sun rises. The sunrise is worth all the effort because the scenery will definitely be amazing.


  1. Decorate your home

Decorate the house together for the holidays and more. Invest in creating a home as you have always dreamed.


Special moments should not be missed

If you keep sitting and analyzing every movement, gesture, speech, it is possible that the special moments will pass by you unnoticed. You went for a walk and it started to rain: perfect, create a romantic moment and go through the rain, at least for a few moments. Take shelter under a tree or even on a block ladder and enjoy yourself as a child of the moment. Did you go shopping and forget your money at home? Don't start making a fuss, it still happens, laugh at your heart. These are special moments that you will both fondly remember when you have a few moments of peace. What could be more beautiful?

It takes two for a relationship

For a relationship to work, both partners need to build nicely on it. The things that define you make the relationship more beautiful, and the statement is also valid for the partner. Learn to appreciate his qualities more, value them, and he should do the same to you. If you feel that you do not have the due respect, try to discuss this with your partner, to see what can be done. But if you feel that you are the only one who wants this relationship, it is better to give up before it is too late.

Don't be violent!

Violence is never a solution, so a relationship in which it is present is doomed to failure. Better give up now, stop believing it's your fault or find excuses for violent gestures, because that's not the case. Nothing explains them, so remember one thing: no person should be physically or emotionally injured by another person!

Does physical appearance matter?

Many people say that physical appearance is not important in a relationship. Is that how it should be or should we be dealing with a cliché? Without the risk of being accused of hypocrisy, you must recognize that people are, par excellence, visual beings. Therefore, it is more normal than you think that the physical aspect is the one that creates the contact, and only then come the soul qualities. At least one thing has to physically attract you to your partner, to start later what experts call the "love game". Think hard and you will see that we are right.

What do men want?

It is said about the fairer sex that they are surrounded by an aura of mystery and no one knows what they want from a man. The truth is that men are also quite "closed" sometimes, and women have some headaches to conquer them. Therefore, find out what things a man appreciates, and do not rush to say that you know exactly what it is about. You would be really surprised, and you will see that it is something much deeper than it first seemed!


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