How Do You Know a Guy Likes You? Signs He Likes You

How Do You Know a Guy Likes You?

signs a guy like you

Apparently I could say that we can not realize that one person likes us because although we live with the idea that we send a lot of signals, in reality they are not seen by the other person. However, we will make a list of the most important signs that show you that a guy likes you.

To simplify things, we will mention several signs to take into consideration, but do not worry, if he wants to talk a lot with you, spend time together and get you out of town, I think things are obvious.

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Here are the signs that he like you

1.He looks at you

Obviously, when a person attracts us, we like to analyze them and look at them. Unconsciously the men's gaze will repeatedly turn to you, which is why if you feel watched, it means that someone in the room is examining you very carefully.

There will be no lack of eye contact with the person, but it depends a lot on the person.

  1. Has dilated pupils

Body language experts say that dilated pupils are an indicator that a person is attracted to you. This detail is subtle and requires attention and experience. The dilation of the pupils cannot be controlled, so if a person looks at you with admiration and has dilated pupils, this is a sign that in you have managed to provoke his emotions.

  1. I'm looking for you

When a guy starts asking you questions about your family, career, future or your person, he does not do it because he is detective but because he shows interest and wants to know if the decision to fall in love with you is the right one.


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  1. Get you out

The outings in the city in two may seem classic and yes, they are a sign that he likes you, but if he try to impress you by inviting you to an impressive place, at a concert, theater, ballet it is clearly a sign that he are in love.

  1. Plans over plans

If a guy expresses his desire to see you again, is clearly a sign that you have aroused his interest. No one in this world wants to see a person they don't like again, which is why if you come to a new date can only be a good sign.

sign a guy like you

  1. The body transmits signals

If we have the feeling that we can control everything we want to convey, well, you have to know that every part of our body can betray us and tell us what our feelings are. The accidental touch of the hands, the accidental hammering of the feet under the table or sitting close enough when you talk, are all signs that things are going on the right road.

  1. Feet indicate direction

Because we talked about body language, we have to mention again that it will always show what you feel inside. If a man's feet are pointing at you, it means that he is giving you more interest than the other people, even if he is facing the other side.

By analyzing his behavior you will find out if he inadvertently shows you that he likes you.

  1. Feel he's there with you

The past can affect us all, but if a guy likes you, he won't start talking about your former relationships. Both in the getting to know each other phase and later, discussions about former relationships are a shot at you. You feel effectively that you are present and an emotional connection is made between you two.

  1. Your opinion matters

Men can make decisions on their own, but because they need confirmation, they will ask for your opinion to see if you are on the same length. Your answer will show you if the way you think and look at things is in line with what he thinks.

how to tell if someone like you

  1. Lips

When we are attracted to a person, the mouth cavity produces more saliva, which is why you will be able to observe many times that different men look at you and walk their tongue over their lips or try to moisten them subtly and unconsciously.

Also, the biting of one of the lips is a sign that you have attracted his attention.

  1. Real interest

The guy you love will always show interest in the person you are today. He will ask you where you are from, what you have studied, what details he should know about your life, how you got to the point where you are now and others.

Investing time and being very careful about everything he says is a sign of interest.

  1. Stay up late

Men always make supernatural efforts to do whatever the person they fell in love with feels what they feel. Most of the time you will get to the situation where although you have the next day's work, you will stay up late for stories. Fatigue disappears when it comes to spending time with the other person.

  1. He confesses

There is no man who has no problems. We all have smaller or bigger problems and obstacles in our lives. When a guy likes you, he will open up smoothly in front of you and tell you everything because he trusts you, relaxes and gets courage when he sees that you give him time to listen to him.

  1. An emotional tension is felt

We clearly do not behave naturally around the people we like. You will always see that he will be a little tense because he wants to make a good impression. You overlook his strain and appreciate all the gestures he makes because men can be awkward at times.

  1. He's relaxed around you

If in the first phase men may seem tense, they may relax as you get closer or even from the beginning, but in general, when they get to know new people, there will be some tension that will disappear and will be replaced by relaxation.

signs a guy like you

  1. He smiles often

Follow his smile! A smile shows that he enjoys what is happening and not only. In addition, if a person in front of you is smiling for no reason, then you will know that they really like you.

No matter how much we want to hide our feelings, our body and reactions will always speak for us.

  1. Introduces you to people close to him

If a man introduces you to his friends or tells you he told the important people in their lives about you, that means he clearly sees you more than a friend.

  1. They are 100% open

The truth is that we develop a relationship with the help of the phone, which is why if we send a message and receive a quick response, it means that the other person is paying attention to you. So if a man doesn't respond quickly to your messages, it means that things aren't the way you think you are, but you also take into account what he normally does. Some people can't write messages at any time.

  1. appreciates your friends

The fact that a guy shows interest in your circle of friends is not something unusual. Because you want to have a relationship together, you want to know what your friends think about him because we all know that we generally ask for validations from the people around us.

The moment when you meet your friends is a time when you can make a good impression on everyone and you will definitely take advantage of this.

  1. He calls you and sends you messages often

Phone calls will not be missing from your journey towards creating a relationship. Because he just wants to hear you, it looks like he likes you. In addition, telephone discussions are much more efficient because they leave no room for meaning or errors of expression and interpretation.

how do you know if a boy like you

These 20 signs are the most common among men, but if we were to sum it all up, the conclusion would be the following:

I saw a girl, I like her, I start talking to her, I find out as much about her, I try to find out what her standards are for men, I get closer to her to see if she likes me and if there are a chance to have a relationship, I will invite her to dinner or a date in the city and try to find out what will happen with us. Now you know if a boy like you.

Obviously, there are a lot of possible cases, but normally, if a guy pays attention, he is interested in everything in your life and invites you to the city several times, it means he like you.

It is hard to believe that there is a friendship between a man and a woman, because although we do not recognize, some of us would like to be with that person for different reasons.

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