How To Get Over a Breakup - Break up fast and Recover Quick

How To Get Over a Breakup

how to get over a break up

Break - ups are the most painful and it is normal to feel connected to the former. Especially when you loved that person is difficult to get over, but time solves them all.

It is important to know that every break - up comes with a lesson and that you need to understand why you got to this point and what you should do next to avoid doing the same mistake.

If you too have separated from your partner and have no idea how you should react and to stop the need to call him every minute, then you should turn off the phone completely because this is not the solution.

Certainly, you’ll spend some night nights but looking back is not an option.

This chapter is intended for both those who are going through a painful breakup or have gone through such a breakup, but we recommend it to those who want to prepare psychically for these unwanted situations, which occur in the life of a couple.

Breakups make us lose reasoning and stop thinking about things as we should. Our reality is distorted, all our decisions are likely to be wrong, and our actions can cause more harm than good to us or those around us.

How to get over a break up with someone?

how to get over a break up with someone

Patience is the key word. Only through patience can we overcome a painful separation. When the spirits are warmed up and unwanted things have been said, it is time to withdraw and understand why you quarreled. This break is your chance to think about what you want from your life partner, if that is what you want.

One mistake would be to immediately enter into another relationship after the separation. You will accept this new relationship because you want someone to fill the void in your heart, but things will not be the same.


how to get over a breakup book

This is why it takes time and patience for the next relationship to be a conscious choice and not one based on impulses.

It is also the case that after a few days of separation or after a longer period, you reach the point of reconciliation again.


How will things go on?

What will you do next, with a history behind it?

Give yourself time to fully understand yourself. A period of time for yourself is all you need to analyze things from the past properly.

get over it


Do your part of the relationship

If you ask your partner to do things that you yourself would not do then don't ask them anymore. It's an old story with the Buddha. One day a mother and her overweight child come to the Buddha and told him to help the little one give up sweets because he looks too fat for his age. The Buddha refused and told him to go home. The reason he refused is because he had not given up sweets so he couldn’t tell the child to give up.

After he managed to give up sweets, he went to the woman's house, where he found the child and told him to give up sweets, and he listened.

The main priority should you, that is, deciding what you want from yourself, your relationship and your future partner.

Although it is quite difficult to be objective in analyzing your own relationship, try as much as you can to make a correct analysis and assume the mistakes you made and discover what his true mistakes were. Most of the time the truth is in the middle when things are treated objectively.


When choosing to reconcile with your ex you have to consider the following scenarios:

  1. You will end up reconciling and understanding where you went wrong, then moving on and building the relationship you both wanted;
  2. Reconcile, but reproaches, quarrels and misunderstandings lead again to another separation;
  3. One of you wants peace, and the other does not want the same thing;
  4. Never reconcile because you have nothing in common;
  5. To appear in the life of one of you a third person, and the situation is extremely complicated;
  6. Find new partners in this period and move on to a new stage of your life.

You are certainly aware of these possibilities, but in order to make the right decision, try to be honest with yourself, because only that conscience will not fool you and you will be reconciled with the decision you make.


Learn from every mistake made!

There are no perfect people, which is why you have to learn from the mistakes you've made so far. Analyze previous relationships and discover things that didn't work out, what kind of person you actually want in your life and what kind of partner you want for the future.


Accept the situation because only then will you really be able to recover!

Treat things as they are so that at the end of the day you can take another step towards a complete and efficient recovery of your heart. Use the experience accumulated so far for what happens in the future with you and your life. The past is the past.

In order for a future relationship to be even better, you must have your homework done and get involved as you say, so that it will be much better than before.

Without taking into account the things learned up to this point, it is as if you were a baby trying to walk without first going to the bush.


Love yourself in order to be loved again!

Get rid of the guilt that doesn't give you peace because you can't change anything, forgive yourself and the person you were with and be grateful for everything.

Go beyond the past and dream of the future. The past is part of who you are, but don't let it influence you in the future. It's called the past because it represents moments that cannot be changed anymore, but what you are about to do can change anything.

Set goals for what you want your future to be and try to imagine how it should be for the person to make you happy and feel fulfilled. Everything starts from their own thinking and vision, so set goal, outline your path and characteristics and look for the person who suit you.


Take a break!

After a breakup that completely breaks your heart, it is important to take a break. The break is a perfect time to be able to think about the future and to plan what are the steps towards this new future.

Both you and him need a break and avoid each other. Only this way you will realize many things and especially feelings.


What is not recommended to do after a breakup?


  1. It is not recommended to listen to sad music because it will depress you even more. Music will block your mind and excessively induce your sense of loss.
  2. It is not recommended to stay closed, isolated. Get out and walk.
  3. Allow time to solve them all. Avoid contact with him for a period of time. This way you will have time to discover what to do. Repeated phone calls keep people away, not approaching them.
  4. Don't think about it! Permanently thinking of your ex will keep you from thinking correctly and you will make the worst decisions possible. It is inevitable that you will not think about him, but you must not turn this into an obsession. Control your thoughts as much as possible!
  1. Get rid of the sadness!


It is normal to have moments when you are sad, but it doesn't always help you, you fall into the position of the victim. Try to spend your time with joyful activities. Go out with your friends, go to the movies, draw, read, learn new things or spend time doing whatever you like


How do you get through this period when your heart is broken?

how to get over it

The first step is the motor discharge.

Cry when you feel the need to unload. Crying is the best solution to remove existing pressure. The crying calms you and prepares you for a good sleep.


The second step is to accept the situation and forgive

Hate consumes people because it is a negative feeling. The more you let yourself dwell in hate, the more you will feel drained of energy and without reaction power. Learn to forgive and move on and keep only beautiful things in your mind.


The third step is to return to the game

Get back into the rhythm and start being an active person again on social networks, going out, organizing meetings with girls, meeting new people, attending courses etc. In short, start living your life again as if you were consuming a lot of sugar, and the energy you have will not let you stay indoors.

Being active you will appreciate yourself much more as a person and you will discover that life goes on even in these situations.


The fourth step is the creation of a journal

It is not a mandatory step, but putting on paper all the things you went through will make you download and look at it from a different perspective. You will clear your mind as you write, and your mind will begin to heal slowly because it will feel like you confess, and each one will free us from all thoughts that did not give us peace.

Every time you feel bad, start writing because it will free you from all emotions. From our point of view it is important to consider these  as steps to start recovering.

Our recommendation is to start spending your free time in the most creative way possible, to move and rest. The treatment for a broken heart is in your hands. Take breaks, always think well of the actions you want to take, set goals, do not let yourself be hated, go beyond the moment and dream of a much better life.

Every bottom shot is a step forward. Look at everything as a life lesson that prepares you for the next chapter of your life.

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  1. I discovered this article at a time when I thought I would never be able to get past the end of an 8-year relationship.
    It’s hard, but the information here helped me get over the breakup.

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