How to Tell a Guy You Like Him - 18 Signs to Get Him that You Love it

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

how to tell a guy you like him

Men tend to be slightly inattentive when it comes to the signals you want to send, and the fact that you touch your hair when you talk to it has become a thing of the past.

If you really want to make him aware of the fact that you like him and still not tell him right from the first date (although, we encourage you to be as direct as possible!) There are certain signals that he has. you can, of course, give in a subtle way. A first solution would be to find a way between being too direct and indifferent.

Here are the 9 subtle ways you can get the attention of the one you secretly like:

  1. Say goodbye to eye contact!

how to tell a guy you love him

We know that until now you stared at him when you saw him in the club, but now, another way to attract his attention is a hug or even a goodbye kiss, if you are very brave.

Get rid of this barrier as you would have to wait a while before kissing or touching his hand. We are in 2019 and things are happening much faster than you think!

  1. Buy him a drink!

Surprisingly or not, it seems that even you, as a girl, can honor him with a drink! Don't always wait for him to take the first step in this direction, and the next time you meet, whether you're going out to dinner or having fun at the club, buy him something to drink and you won't regret it. You can thank us after!

  1. Compliment him when you see him!

If we women like it when we are given certain compliments, well, the same happens for men. In order to really impress him, try to compare him with a Hollywood star, maybe even with his favorite.

  1. Arrange his shirt

If the collar of the shirt does not fit properly, do not be afraid to arrange it yourself. It can be a great signal to give so that he understands that you like him. He will think you are interested in him, but especially a person attentive to details.


how to tell a guy you like him


  1. Set a joke between you

Everyone likes the person next to him to be open and make jokes, so don't hesitate to do it right in front of him. If you are funny, you will be able to have a much closer connection with him and you will make him open much more in front of you.

how to tell a man you love him

  1. Ask him about things in his field

Don't try to confuse him by asking him questions about quantum physics. You better try to find out what things he resonates with so that he feels comfortable when you talk. He will feel much more at ease and will appreciate you much more.

  1. Take a picture around him

We know you have a lot of pictures together, but what if you posted them on social media and didn't keep them just for yourself? Show potential competitors that you are interested in him and that he should stay away. It's a good way to show them that your interests are very serious.

  1. Dance with him

Not to mention that you have to have ten years of experience in the dance chapter to be able to dance with him. Whether you move quite a bit on the dance floor, it still matters. Take him to the dance on the first occasion you see him and he will more than likely consider you interested in him.

  1. Talk to him more in private

how to talk with a man

Background music can be a good reason to start a conversation with him. Take advantage of any opportunity that is just the two of you and talk to him. He will appreciate much more that you take the reins and don't just let him carry the burden.

We're not saying you have to give him all these signals at once, but use the ones you feel comfortable with. Nobody said it was easy, but he will definitely consider you a sure person for what he wants to achieve.

  1. Be a good listener!

And men confess from time to time, so they need someone to listen to them without any reproach. It will definitely matter to him that you care about how he feels.

  1. Open smart discussions

Prove to him that he has something to talk about when he is with you. The fact that he can debate with you all kinds of interesting facts will make him always look for you.

  1. Try to find out what common interests you have

The things you have in common will always bring you closer, so you should find as many as possible. Make him feel at ease when he is with you, but be careful not to let him know that he should keep you in the friends' area.

  1. Flirt with style. If you don't know how to tell him you like him, resort to gestures by which you subtly flirt with him. A special smile, intense looks, innocent touches, kisses close to the lips or passionate hugs. We must recognize that body language has its charm.
  1. Men like to hear beautiful words and be appreciated. Find out HERE how you can impress him!

how to love a man

  1. It is said that when two people like each other, they tease each other frequently. Therefore, if he also feels something for you, he will respond to the verbal games you play. Be careful, however, it does not exceed the measure in terms of jokes.
  1. Send him nice messages. How do you tell him you like him without sending him love messages? It seems complicated at first, but everything is much simpler than you think. For example, you can surprise him with a message telling him that you saw something (related to his passions) that made you think of him.
  1. Make up excuses to be around him. Tell him that you need help with a project or that you have something to repair at home. A computer enthusiast will not miss this chance.
  1. Make him feel special around you. Treat him differently from others and give him the impression that you feel something special for him. He would definitely like to have such a girl by his side.

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  1. Reading this article I realized that now we really have to show our love in one form or another.
    I even found interesting ways in which I managed to convey to a guy that I like him, and now we are together!

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